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Signal Fighter Soft Toothbrush

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Product Description

The Signal Fighter toothbrush includes the M shaped Dupont Tynex bristle, three angled handle, brush head shaped in the form of the index finger enabling easy reach to all areas of the mouth and cleans in between teeth while giving you the brightest smile.


How to Use

Step 1: Remove the packing of the toothbrush.

Step2: Hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle toward the gum line.

Step 3: When brushing your teeth, move the brush back and forth gently, with a circular movement over the front, back and top of your teeth.

Step 4: Thoroughly brush behind your lower front teeth.

Step 5: Remember to close the brush with the cap provide once you’re done brushing your teeth.



Replace the toothbrush bristles have become frayed and worn


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