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Dove Growth Ritual Shampoo 180ml

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"Dove Nourishing Secrets is a range of products inspired by indulging and caring rituals practiced by women around the world, combining the intense nourishment from Dove with nature inspired ingredients. Dove Nourishing Secrets Growth Ritual Shampoo is inspired by North American rituals of treating hair breakage with blends of Echinacea and white tea, exquisite ingredients known for their caring and boosting properties. Unveil the secret for beautifully long and strong hair that's deeply nourished from the inside. From brushing and combing, to tangle teasing and heat damage, this caring shampoo for hair breakage helps shield hair against stressful routines and the everyday causes of damage. It immunises your hair to cope with the stresses it’s exposed to, restoring your strands and helping them to grow beautifully longer. Inspired by North American women who use blends of Echinacea and White tea in their hair beauty rituals.

- Enriched with coneflower, oil & White Tea

- Immunize hair to cope with stressful routines triggering breakage

- Inspired by the beauty rituals of North American women

- For long and strong hair 

- Combines the intense nourishment from Dove with nature inspired ingredients

- Perfect for daily use 


* Helping to prevent hair breakage

North American women traditionally use Echinacea and white tea in their hair and beauty rituals to immunize hair against stressful routines triggering hair breakage and limiting its growth potential. Inspired by their ingredient combinations, we’ve combined the nourishing care of Dove

* Promoting long and strong hair

Ideal for promoting long and strong hair, Dove Nourishing Secrets Growth Ritual Shampoo leaves your hair fortified – from root to tip – from the very first wash

* Bringing inspiration from nature into your routine

The fresh flowery notes will indulge your senses, all while adding a touch of natural inspiration to your daily routine."