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Dove Strengthening Ritual Shampoo 180ml

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"Day to day stress, dirt, pollution, etc. can damage the hair and put stress on the hair strands, leaving them prone to breakage. New Dove Healthy Ritual for Growing Hair Shampoo is a hair product inspired by the hair care rituals of the women of North America. Merging current scientific hair care knowledge with the rituals practised and handed down through generations of women, the formulation contains the natural de-stressor ingredients including coneflower, oil and white tea, which repairs and nourishes the hair, keeps it healthy, helps it to achieve its complete natural growth potential and protects it from damage due to regular activities like brushing, combing and detangling.


* Shields the hair against hair routines such as combing, brushing and detangling.

*  Repairs hair damage, prevents breakage and hair fall and promotes growth.

* Keeps the hair nourished, healthy and long.

* Enriched with the natural goodness of Coneflower, Oil and White Tea.

* Inspired by the hair care rituals of North American women."